Art Exhibited at SWDS

My Film Noir Ladies are featured in the next two months at Sheila Wong’s Sewing Studio. You will have to go to her studio to see the work, and if you are interested in some of the fabulous workshops and events Sheila is working on.

Check her site out!

Take a look at my visual arts gallery under “Film Noir” to see my series.  This series are drawings on wood panel adding warmth to the furs and fashion of this film era. Clicking below will navigate you there.


What is Art Gestalt?

Art Gestalt is an opportunity for the community to come together and support its artists in a way that is manageable on the individual level, but adds up to a substantial contribution on the community level.

A fantastic event!  I exhibited three drawings.  Fun was had by all and an incredibly attractive crowd, ( You all know who you are Vancouver!) Wonderful band and luscious cocktails.

Eastside Culture Crawl


The actual event was November 26-27-28th.  My space was a wonderful place to be. I met some lovely people and got to share my clouds and blue sky with the rest of the world.

If you have not even been to the culture crawl, it is one of the best annual art events.  Over 300 artists open their doors to showcase their wares.  I will post some photos soon!

Borgi Borga

Launch Party for Borgi Borga

Thank-you to all friends who attend the launch party for Borgi Borga Jewellry and artist Charlie Easton Paintings.

What a wonderful event with lovely people, good food, and some bubbly to make us all pink in the cheeks and meet people. A warm thanks to Lisa and Charlie who opened their home to this event. What a fantastic stage for the event. Please keep posted for my new fall jewellry lines on my site.

A Dialogue with Crowone of a kind necklaces with leather and stones

A Kin of Crows– shiny dangling earrings

Grumpy little Rain Cloud series- to celebrate Vancouver Rain

Sweater Series- long and luscious necklaces made for over winter wear

Writing of dream states

More writing. It’s been a while since I wrote. Inspiration can be expressed as something that does not allow us to rest in both sleeping and waking life. I have had my share of waking up at unusual hours lately. Once at 2:32 am and the other morning at 4:16 am. When I experience the rare bout of insomnia, I need to be creative. There have been many times that I have bicycled at odd hours to a 24 hour hour cafe and scribbled out what my subconscious wants to share with me. I will take this recent restlessness as a sign to keep focusing on my creative journey.

Time to share some additional writing to all of you out there living out dreams or seeking some form of sacred space to birth them.

I am posting my writing involving dreams and sleep but I will continue to add other writing that is not sequential. Overlapping the past, the present and what is to come.

A Space for Words-Secrets are necessary as are truths.

I have been writing for the past 14 years. This realization shocked me into wanting to share my words as they gain the power they need outside my journals and scrap paper copies.

These thoughts and poems have kept me alive all these years. They have, at times, resuscitated me and other times have been a lovely home and hiding place .

It has been my most current decision to begin to share these. My experimentation with words began during a lonely first year of Art school when I lived on my own. One afternoon when it was snowing, I began to purge about 53 poems. This is what set forward my need to express through words. I am sifting through the body of writing and will be posting and updating as I go. There will be no natural progression except that I will continue to post as I explore.

I am presenting the work that started in Art school up to my current life. (1996-2010+) The works ranges from the deeply personal to imagined scenarios.

Secrets are necessary as are truths.


GAMgallery – no shit sale – this weekend


The NoShit Sale was fabulous.

Keep an eye on the GAMgals as they are up and coming. I anticipate other events with them!

THE “guilt-free” SPECIAL

Resistance is futile!

Buy yourself a pair of Borgi Borga one of a kind earrings and as a gift select a second pair for a friend at 40% off

Gift giving was never this indulgent!
Something fabulous for yourself and for someone you care about.

You can spend this season guilt-free knowing that you won’t get the same pair for the holidays.

New Item : Grumpy Little Rain Clouds!

Have I been good to you lately? How about something new- grumblers who were wanting something fun and fantastic to wear around your neck……


Ever had a grumpy, rainy day? These clouds are here to let you be in whatever state you wish to be in. First the rain comes in Vancouver, then the gray. Love it or leave it.

“Grumpy little rain clouds” are made from re-purposed leather. Included with every cloud is a silver lining- sterling silver chain- and a drop of faceted labradorite. It is said to be the stone of the soul’s purpose or reveal your path…. who could resist it or even stay grumpy.


The Franocphone market at the French Cultural Centre was Dec 5th

Come by and shop French!



Saturday, December 5th 2009 from 10am to 4pm, Le Centre, 1$

Start the festive season with mulled wine and music at the Christmas Market. While you browse the selection of British Columbia arts and crafts on sale, your children will enjoy seasonal treats in the company of Santa Claus.

Please bring cash for your purchases and invite your friends!

Welcome to Borgi Borga!

“Green Christmas Market”

Many eco-chic artisans- so many nice things to buy.  I am happy to say that I am almost done Christmas gift buying and that I supported ALL LOCAL!

Green Christmas 2009!

We’re pleased to announce that the Green Christmas Market will be continuing on this year!
November 28th, 2009
Cambrian Hall
215 East 17th @ Main (just behind the Granville Island Toy Company)
Vancouver, BC

Admission $2 (children under 12 free)
Fashion High will be organizing it this year.



“Self Portrait in Kimono” SOLD at the silent auction.  Money is gifted to Portland Hotel Society

The Eastside Culture Crawl
November 20-21-22

Please join me for this 3 day Arts festival featuring over 300 artist- including me!

To find out more, check out this site

See you there! Kyla