Bio-photoA little bit about…. Kyla Bourgh

In 2000, I completed Bachelor of Fine Arts through Okanagan University in Kelowna with a focus in painting and drawing and creative writing. The past 3 years I  discovered that contemporary dance helps feed my visual work.

In 2001, I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Education.  

Zitrone-letraIn 2013/14, I  dedicated myself to a project inspired by my residency in Zurich, Switzerland.  My goal was to open up the discussion around the loss of artistic/social spaces attempting to promote new ideas and solutions. I was able to book a flight and arrive with many unknowns. I was able to secure an exhibition at the Gam Gallery and I was able to do a live stream between the two spaces.

I am very proud of the exhibition I had at Gam Gallery in April 2014. It was an incredible risk. I pushed myself at every level.  It was unsuccessful in receiving the grant I hoped for. It was unsuccessful in crowd-funding. It was even unsuccessful in bringing people I knew to see it.  I ended up funding it myself and making decisions on it having only 2 weeks to prepare for the final show.

It was one of the hardest but most rewarding projects I have ever worked on. Start to finish.

HOWEVER…it was successful in and of itself.   We had the live-stream between Zurich and Vancouver. I was able to show the people I worked with over there, the exhibition.

I was most proud of having total strangers come to me at the opening and say “Congratulations on an amazing and thought-provoking exhibition”.  And even though I know that success is not measured by external praise, it does help to be in a place were people can see your Art and to have the chance to answer to it in person.  It used to terrify me.  In the end, what are we making it for?

I communicated clearly with those who were able to see it.  That was the success.

My Art

Work in a range of media.

yearofthehorse Ich spreche kein Deutsch


I  currently paint watercolours because it is easy to travel with.

The fun thing is that I never tried watercolour painting before.

Fernando-photo Fernando Bonnie-PhotoBonnieNish



I paint commissioned portraits.

I write and perform poetry.

I organize creative/social events.

What is Borgi Borga?

The name borgiborga is a spin off from my last name. It became a term used in the way I express things in the everyday.  I would be doing something in a conventional manner and then add something odd, unusual or spontaneous- it would then be expressed that I borgiborga’d it. I apply this to all areas in life- art, fashion, cooking, meeting people, and conversation.


Borgi Borga- Jewellry line.

I have also been combining a love of fashion to create my jewellry line BorgiBorga. I have been using unusual “re-purposed” materials such as wallpaper, leather and buttons.  The idea is to combine classic styles with a more unconventional twist.

It is being playful and classic at the same time.

It is a number of contradictions that make sense.

It is like wearing over-sized mittens.

Or adding a splash of unexpected colour before dashing out of the door.

It’s enjoying style with ease and being noticed for it


Borgi Borga