Zitrone- Solo show @ Gam Gallery

Zitrone Solo exhibition April 2014


In August 2013, I went to Zurich, Switzerland for an artist residency.  While I was there, I was inspired by the building where I did my residency.  There was something about the people and the building that brought me back to Zurich to document the artistic space for a solo exhibition in Vancouver. I returned for 2 1/2 months from December to early March to work with a local photographer, Saskia Widmer, to document the space and the people integral to the operation and creative voice of the building.

Gam Gallery accommodated having the exhibition in April because the Zitrone building was under threat to be demolished any month and we were able to do a live-stream between Vancouver at Gam Gallery (brunch time) and Zitrone in Zurich (Bar time). A discussion around loss of social and artistic spaces took place.  The best part of it all was being able to show my friends in Zurich the exhibition through the technology. It was a leap of faith for us all.

Thanks to Julia Kreutz, Tarah Hogue from Gam Gallery.  Patt Leger who was a livestream master and of course the folks on this list : Anastasia Katsidis, Corinna Morell, Yves Sablonier, Viola von Scarpatetti, and MaeMae Sykora; who allowed me to ask, interview, question, record, and have faith in what I was going to do with the information after.  AND a major  shout out to the talented Saskia Widmer who was a photographic delight to work with and to have with me to take all of the wonderful photographs documenting the space.

Thanks to the live-stream performers : Jess Hill, Timothy Shay, Julie Parrell, and Viola von Scarpatetti.

Below is the link to my exhibition on the Gam Gallery webpage:

Zitrone Exhibition

Saskia Widmer Photography