Writing of dream states

More writing. It’s been a while since I wrote. Inspiration can be expressed as something that does not allow us to rest in both sleeping and waking life. I have had my share of waking up at unusual hours lately. Once at 2:32 am and the other morning at 4:16 am. When I experience the rare bout of insomnia, I need to be creative. There have been many times that I have bicycled at odd hours to a 24 hour hour cafe and scribbled out what my subconscious wants to share with me. I will take this recent restlessness as a sign to keep focusing on my creative journey.

Time to share some additional writing to all of you out there living out dreams or seeking some form of sacred space to birth them.

I am posting my writing involving dreams and sleep but I will continue to add other writing that is not sequential. Overlapping the past, the present and what is to come.