A Space for Words-Secrets are necessary as are truths.

I have been writing for the past 14 years. This realization shocked me into wanting to share my words as they gain the power they need outside my journals and scrap paper copies.

These thoughts and poems have kept me alive all these years. They have, at times, resuscitated me and other times have been a lovely home and hiding place .

It has been my most current decision to begin to share these. My experimentation with words began during a lonely first year of Art school when I lived on my own. One afternoon when it was snowing, I began to purge about 53 poems. This is what set forward my need to express through words. I am sifting through the body of writing and will be posting and updating as I go. There will be no natural progression except that I will continue to post as I explore.

I am presenting the work that started in Art school up to my current life. (1996-2010+) The works ranges from the deeply personal to imagined scenarios.

Secrets are necessary as are truths.